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Convertible Summer Woombie - World's Lightest Swaddle + Sleep Bag Combo
Converts from swaddle to arms-free sleep sack

         Swaddling has been shown to help babies sleep better, longer and safer.
Our unique and original design is ergonomically shaped and has a special four-way stretch bebeflex™ fabric that snuggles your baby and moves with them to mimic the womb, unlike any other swaddler.
The Woombie offers the perfect fabric that stretches and re-conforms, making swaddling easy and effective!

Features of the Convertible Summer Woombie:

  • Vented on the chest to allow heat to escape to prevent overheating
  • Certified Organic Air Cotton Fabric for Vent and Lower Portion
  • Our signature bebeflex™ fabric for the perfect upper body swaddling effect
  • Convertible Option - great for transitioning baby from swaddle (arms in) to sleep sack (arms out) when the time arises
  • Convertible Sleeve covers fully over the arm holes so there are no dangerous openings for baby's fingers to get caught.
  • Light and Airy, perfect for hot climate
  • 2 way zipper for easy nappy change
  • Ergonomically Peanut shaped and Hip Healthy
  • Australian Registered Design No 337313



Price: $49.95
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Convertible Summer White Woombie - Newborn



Price: $49.95
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Convertible Summer Woombie - Love



Price: $49.95
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Convertible Summer Blush Pink Chevron



Price: $49.95
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Convertible Summer Dreamy Blue Chevron





• Prevents loose blankets in crib

•Allows movement without restriction

• Hip Healthy design

• Maintains airflow with a breathable fabric

• Unlike a blanket, will not unravel potentially covering airways

• Follows Paediatrician and SIDS guidelines


• Soothes baby by re-creating the womb setting

• Swaddles baby easily & effectively

• Prevents unnecessary waking due to the startle reflex

• Prevents face scratching by cocooning the hands& arms

• Tapered waist applies gentle pressure to gassy tummies


• Soft cotton fabric gently hugs baby

• Lightweight & breathable, great for all seasons

• Soft compression recreates the feeling of touch,
   increasing baby’s security


• Simple to use, just place baby inside & zip it up!

• Eases the transition from womb to world

• Two-way zipper makes nappy changes a breeze

• Easy cleaning & care

   Trust in the Woombie, the Original Peanut Shaped Zipper Swaddle
Recommended by Doctors, Nurses, Midwives, Doulas & Countless Mums & Dads!
2014 Family Choice AWARD